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Greentech in Germany

Everyone knows that environmental protection and sustainability are crucial for preserving our planet. But many people don’t know that the greentech market is a major factor in the German economy. It is expected to expand by 19% by 2025.

The EU has officially set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050. The European green deal sets out the legal framework to achieve that. What does it all mean for business in Germany? Find out in our new video.


A Selection of Highlights in Germany: 

Climate Strategy

Last October the Federal Cabinet passed a climate protection law making Germany the first country to adopt a binding roadmap towards greenhouse gas neutrality. It provides climate targets for the transport, energy, industrial, building, agricultural and waste-management sectors. More Information on our Energy Webpage.

Energy Storage

The expansion of charging infrastructure and renewable energies will raise demand on grid and storage capacities.  Within this context, e.g. battery systems as well as Hydrogen and power-to-gas technologies do play a role along the strategy of the German Government. More Infos on our Energy Storage Industry Webpage.

New Mobility

The future of mobility is a megatrend globally. The German automotive industry is pursuing opportunities in E-mobility, autonomous and networked transport, drive technologies (e.g. hydrogen and synfuels) as well as new innovations and resource-conserving production technologies. More Infos on our Automotive Industries Webpage.

The German government aims to have between 7 and 10 million electric vehicles registered by 2030. Charging infrastructure will also be expanded to achieve one million charging points. More Infos on our lectric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Webpage

Sustainable Water and Circular Economy

Germany is home to Europe´s largest sustainable water management market, and is leading global recycling market. Changing international frameworks or growing sustainability awareness among consumers has led to the development of a series of markets offering new business opportunities. Environmental Technologies

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