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Blick über die Spree auf den Reichstag in Berlin Blick über die Spree auf den Reichstag in Berlin | © gettyImages/Westend61

Location Marketing

GTAI Promotes Germany as a Business Location Abroad

Germany counts among the world’s leading business locations and regularly receives top ratings in international rankings. GTAI promotes the strengths of the German economy abroad in order to maintain this position. To do so, we rely on an effective communication strategy, excellently coordinated instruments and the right mix of our own and external content.

GTAI's marketing communications measures aim to convince foreign businesses to settle in Germany and also promote the good reputation of the German economy abroad. We focus on increasing the general perception of Germany as an innovative business and technology location, using a number of different channels (digital, TV, print) as well as exhibition and event participation.


Germany Works. Germany Works. | © Germany Trade & Invest

"Germany Works." An umbrella campaign for the business location Germany.

In September 2018, the new “Germany Works.” umbrella campaign for the business location Germany was launched.

As a superordinate Germany platform, it highlights the characteristic features of business location Germany and acts as a holistic communicative hook for all German location marketing partners. In doing so, it positions Germany more sustainably and more clearly in international competition. Foreign business decision makers are the target group.

The guiding principle of our campaign is: “Germany Works.” Germany works and also functions at the same time – and in the best way. The key image forms a perfectly functioning economic motor as symbol for the lively interplay between the different success factors in Germany.

The campaign will be broadcast in major international media.

Germany. Smart-up your business.

Since 2010, GTAI has been running business location campaigns abroad under the motif ‘Germany. Smart-up your business.’ The aim of the campaign is to make the audience aware of the innovation and performance capabilities of Germany as a business location. The target market are foreign decision-makers.

Germany. Smart-up your business. (Mobility)

Germany. Smart-up your business. (Healthcare)

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