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Rebuilding the Economy in Ukraine

The rebuilding of Ukraine’s economy has already begun in earnest. This huge effort is being supported by numerous national and international actors. This special website helps you to find partners and projects as well as learn more about the current progress of the country’s economic reconstruction.

Filtering out the multitude of economic reconstruction options available in Ukraine that best match product portfolio and needs can be a challenge for interested and engaged companies and business representatives. 

This special website seeks to provide orientation and offer a comprehensive overview of all foreign trade-related aspects of economic reconstruction: What is the market environment like and what projects are pending? How can these be properly financed and secured? How can networking and cooperation be best promoted? To answer these and other related questions we provide the following information: 

  • Reports on the progress of reconstruction including the needs and plans of the Ukrainian government, Ukrainian regions and companies as well as supporting countries
  • Overview of key actors and partners as well as their activities and offers with a focus on project financing and safeguarding
  • Platform for the Reconstruction in Ukraine specialist events and other event information
  • Results and lessons learned from events organized by the Platform for the Reconstruction in Ukraine
  • German, European and Ukrainian funding opportunity and project requests for tender and announcements (public and PPP)
  • Market, industry sector and economic development information 
  • Business practice in Ukraine information 

The website makes it easier for German and Ukrainian companies to jointly identify business opportunities, identify partners and take advantage of funding options. You will also find information on the economic situation and fields of activity, progress of reconstruction updates and sector-specific information. 

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