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Tender Notice Jordan Water Collection

Consulting Services/Feasibility Study, Replacement of a Conveyor Pipeline and Extension of a Wellfield

Tender Award

  • Country Jordan
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ595000377/KFW506026; Project No 47770; Central Tender Number 54/2020
  • Subject Climate Adaptation and Protection: Azraq Wellfield and Water Transmission Pipeline

Requested Services:

The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has arranged finance from the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through the German Development Bank KfW. The services requested under this assignment refer to the preparation of a feasibility study for the replacement of the Azraq – Khaw conveyor pipeline and the extension of the Azraq wellfield. The planned investment measures, which shall be identified by the feasibility study and which shall be implemented later in the frame of the programme amount to
approx. EUR 60 million.

The PEA is seeking to engage a qualified consultant to perform the following services for the preparation of a feasibility study, which should include as a minimum the following tasks:

  • 1) Investigation and review of available information about the presently available water resources at the existing Azraq wellfield;
  • 2) Assessment and analysis of available hydro-geological investigations concerning exploration and development of additional water resources in the wider Azraq area, and assessment if further hydrogeological measurements are required (including the related measurement concept);
  • 3) Development of feasible concepts for an extension of the wellfield capacity and identification of the technical measures for transfer of the ground water to the central Azraq pumping station;
  • 4) Coordination and harmonisation of the concept for extension of the wellfield capacity with the authorities in Jordan;
  • 5) Elaboration of a feasible concept for the available raw water quantities, which can be used in the long-run for the transfer through the new pipeline;
  • 6) Elaboration of a concept and design (on feasibility level) for the rehabilitation/replacement of the existing Azraq wellfield;
  • 7) Review of the conditions of the existing main pumping station in Azraq and identification of the needs for rehabilitation/ extension in order to comply with the future water quantities;
  • 8) Data collection and assessment of the present condition of the existing Azraq - Khaw transmission pipeline including damage analysis;
  • 9) Elaboration of a feasible concept for replacement of the existing transmission pipeline including hydraulic and water hammer calculation,  dimensioning, possibly rerouting and construction workflow;
  • 10) Preparation of a sound financial and economic analysis, including a preliminary costing of investment measures; 
  • 11) Development of a conceptual design for the investment measures;
  • 12) Preparation of an environmental and social impact assessment;
  • 13) Preparation of a climate analysis.    

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