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Tender Notice Moldova Water Supply, Irrigation

Construction Works, Water Supply/Waste Water Disposal Cahul

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Moldova
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201568344/BMZ201668904/KFW505384; 45332000-3
  • Subject Improvement of Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure in the District of Cahul; Contract 1 WSS Cahul Urban

This prequalification notice, published 14/07/2020, has been CANCELLED

Requested Services

The Municipality of Cahul intends to prequalify contractors for Works Contract No: XXX for the construction of the following works (N.B.: the below list is not final):

Lot 1: WS Headworks

  • Intake at river Prut:
  • Intake installation with fish protection;
  • Feeder pipes 2 x DN 500 (about 200 m, through trenchless method in groundwater, detailed construction design to be done by the Construction company);
  • New raw water pumping station PS-01.
  • Transmission main made of ductile iron, DN 500 for 8.2 km including adjacent structures, two (02) road and one (01) railway crossings;
  • Rehabilitation of water treatment plant:
  • Replacement of inlet pipework;
  • Rehabilitation of coagulation tanks, replacement of pipeworks;
  • Rehabilitation of flocculation tanks, replacement of pipeworks;
  • Rehabilitation of sand filters;
  • Replacement of chemical dosing;
  • Replacement of external pipework between reservoirs and PS-02;
  • Refurbishment and equipping of laboratory.SCADA system for the entire water supply system Cahul;

Lot 2: Networks Cahul

  • Rehabilitation of WS distribution system Cahul for about 6 km (DN 200 to DN 500, HDPE and DI);
  • Rehabilitation of WW collection system Cahul for about 4 km (DN 250 and DN 300 made of PPHM, class SN10);
  • Rehabilitation of existing wastewater pumping stations North and Main (200 m3/h and 490 m3/h respectively);
  • Extension of WW collection system Cahul for about 35 km (DN 200 and 300, class SN10) (including among others about 2,100 new wastewater connections, 6 new prefabricated wastewater pumping stations);
  • Training, taking into operation.

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