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Tender Notice Moldova Environmental Technologies

Consulting Services, Water Supply and Sanitation in Moldova Central

Tender Award

  • Country Moldova
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201366897/KfW504045
  • Subject Water Supply and Sanitation in Moldova Center

Brief description of the contract:

The main goal of KfW’s activities in the Moldovan water sector is to support the local and national authorities in ensuring a sustainable provision of water and wastewater services, adapted to the needs of the population and the growing industry, tourism etc. Furthermore, sustainable strategies for increasing energy efficiency within municipal water supply systems shall be developed. This effort will improve local management of water systems, improve local governance and increase transparency of water utilities, reduce energy use and water waste, and benefit local water supply and ultimately enhance the ability of local and regional governments to achieve their goals of sustainable development.

Requested Services

The following components will be part of the services (final design, assistance to tendering, construction supervision and defects notification period):
− Transmission main from Chisinau via Straseni to Calarasi
− Pump stations along the main water line
− Disinfection facilities at the transfer points in the two cities
− Rehabilitation for the existing water supply networks in the towns
− SCADA systems for Straseni and Calarasi
− Water supply networks of two additional villages

Optional services:
− Preliminary design various water supply networks of additional villages of the Straseni and Calarasi districts and their secondary transmission mains
− Priority rehabilitation measures in Straseni and Calarasi towns
− Extension of the SCADA system


  • The Consultancy services will aim at the improvement of management and operation of the PEA and the transformation of the local operators ApaCanal Straseni and ApaCanal Calarasi to regional operators for their respective districts.

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