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Internet Economy

Vibrant Heart of Europe’s Digital Landscape

With 84% of the German population (around 63 million) using the internet on a regular basis, Germany boasts the most internet users in Europe. This significant digital economy customer base is also coupled with the highest total purchasing power in Europe (EUR 1,968 billion), making Germany a crucial player in the global digital economy. In line with the rest of Germany’s stable economy, the internet economy has faced no downturn from the European economic crisis.

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Germany’s internet economy is increasingly moving into the mobile sphere. While 73% of German internet users in 2018 went online with their laptop or desktop computer, around 74% used their smartphone for this purpose. Around 48% of German respondents to a MasterCard 2018 poll report stated that they always or often use their mobile device to buy goods online. An additional 24% said that they sometimes shop with their smartphone.

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Advertising Technology (AdTech)

The increasing digitalization of modern life has had a significant transformative effect on advertising delivery models and media platforms used. Around 84% of Germany’s population regularly uses the internet, spending more than six hours online each day in 2018.

The broadcast and print media models of the analogue world are slowly being superseded by the digital world’s emphasis on online and mobile delivery platforms, with the domestic market set to continue growing. In 2016, net advertising investment in digital (display and search engine marketing) overtook television advertising spending, making the internet the strongest medium in the media mix for the very first time.

Online and mobile advertising volume for the year 2017 is expected to be EUR 1.9 billion according to market projections made on behalf of the Circle of Online Marketers (OVK) within the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW). Forty-five percent of this volume is spent via programmatic advertising, with continued growth predicted for the foreseeable future. The advent of sell-side platforms and demand-side platforms, allied to an array of new formats, multi-screen concepts, and targeting options help digital campaigns to reach a hard-to-reach target audience.

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Online Videos

Online videos play an important role in total online consumption in Germany. In 2017, some 72% of total internet users in Germany reported in the ARD/ZDF Onlinestudie that they watch videos online. In the same year, 24% of internet users reported watching online videos daily, with another 53% watching online videos weekly. Streaming is the most heavily used format (57% of people use streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo), followed by live or recorded TV (usage rate of 52%). The runner-ups are the media libraries of the terrestrial TV stations (used by 43% of the German population) and portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video (around 38% of Germans utilize these sites).


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