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Logistics Industry

Accelerate Your Business in Europe's Logistics Hub

Located at Europe's center, Germany is the continent's largest economy and most important logistics hub, offering world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge logistics services.

The location provides companies with opportunities for convenient Europe-wide distribution and easy access to the EU's 500 million consumers. Find out how Germany can accelerate your business and connect you with European markets - both West and East.

Logistics Sectors Boom During Coronavirus Crisis
A resurgent Chinese economy, the coronavirus pandemic, alternative logistics routes and e-commerce have led to a domestic and international boom in the logistics industry.

Logistics in Germany Rises to Covid-19
The slowdown of the global economy and the disruption of supply chains is causing economic challenges unthinkable a short time ago. Germany’s logistics sector shows its flexibility.

Logistics in Germany

With its outstandstanding infrastructure, Germany continues to be a top player in logistics. The World Bank currently ranks Germany #3 globally - only outranked by Singapore ( #1) and Finland (#2). Germany is the geographic center of the EU, has Europe's largest logistics market by far and its most advanced transportation infrastructure offering easy access to the more than 500 million consumers in Europe.

Video: How Germany is Remaking its Maritime Economy

Ports and waterways are a major part of Germany, the logistics hub at the heart of Europe. But Germany's maritime economy is changing to meet the demands and utilize the possibilities of the digital age. YOUR company can take part in this historic transformation. Get in touch with GTAI to find out how!

Market | Personnel | R&D

Germany's central position in the EU makes it an ideal location for logistics hubs and distribution centers in Europe. Serving over 82 million Germans, 150 million consumers in its 9 neighboring countries, and nearly 500 million EU residents, Germany is your direct link to western and eastern European markets.

Germany is a global leader in logistics higher education: our universities produce highly skilled graduates who are ready to work for you.

Over 100 universities and universities of applied science foster advanced logistics knowledge and make us the world’s leader in developing new and innovative technologies and bringing them to the market.

Marc Rohr Marc Rohr | © GTAI/Illing & Vossbeck Fotografie

"Thanks to superb accessibility, infrastructure, and services, Germany is the benchmark for European-wide distribution."

Marc Rohr | Director Digital & Service Industries

Incentives | Physical Infrastructure | Stable Investment Environment

Our government provides companies with generous support for employment and R&D in addition to industry-specific incentive programs.

We offer an extensive and comprehensive logistics infrastructure that integrates state-of-the-art transportation networks with the most modern telematics, IT, and telecommunications systems.

Social, economic, and political stability provide a solid base for your corporate projects. Our judiciary and civil services are highly professional. Contractual agreements are secure, and intellectual property is strictly protected in Germany.

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