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Chemical Industry

Industrie Center Obernburg

Site Classification

Key Data

Site Owner
Mainsite GmbH & Co. KG
Site Operator
Mainsite GmbH & Co. KG
Full Service (Plug & Play)
Fenced/Open Site
R&D Support
Total Site Area
176 hectares (435 acres)
Total Free Area
50 hectares (124 acres)
Number of Permanent Staff
Number of Companies On-Site

Key Benefits for Investors

  • Infrastructure

    • Proximity to international Frankfurt-Rhein-Main hub
    • Trimodal logistic connections to four lane freeways A3 and A 45
    • Direct rail terminal and port on the European inland waterway Rhein-Main-Danube
    • Incentives for start-ups, hotline to Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs
    • Well developed contacts to civil administration
    • Single plot of approx. 40ha free for new investments
  • Raw Materials On-Site
  • Services/Utilities

    • Full service “Plug&Play”
    • Full facility management and building services
    • IT-support
    • Personnel services
    • Finance & controlling services
    • Own power plant on-site provides power, steam, heat and refrigiration
  • R&D

    • Free laboratory space
    • Production oriented R&D of companies on-site
    • Numerous technial and analytical support by Mainsite
    • Research institute for industrial hightech research in the fields of innovative materials, automotive, intelligent systems and automation, energy efficiency, information technology and design science directly on-site.

Target Investors

  • Innovative production companies preferably from the following industry sectors: the chemical industry (especially synthetic fibers, industrial woven articles), polymers and medical devices.
  • Innovative start up companies with ambitious expansion plans from the industries named.

Potential Business Partners

  • Atlantichem: Start Up for reaction technology
  • Colbond Geosynthetics: Complex components for civil engineering and drainage systems
  • Cordenka: Global market leader for viscose fibers for high performance tyres
  • Dualogis: Logistics
  • Enka: Viscose fibers for textiles
  • Excorlab: Lab.-& clinical studies of extracorporal systems
  • Hemmelrath: Automotive paints
  • Kraftwerk Obernburg GmbH: Power/energy
  • Membrana Accurel: Mikro porous polymers & additives
  • Membrane Adsorption Technologies: Hightech medical adsorbers
  • Polyamide High Performance: Technical PA-fibers
  • Polyester High Performance: Technical polyester fibers
  • SPES: Raw materials for membranes
  • ZEWIS: Research institute

Partners of Site

  • Bayernhafen Aschaffenburg (harbour administration and marketing cooperation)
  • German and Bavarian chemical producers associations (VCI, BCV)
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