Labor Market Availability

Labor Market Availability

Highly Skilled Workforce

Germany’s world-class education system ensures that the highest standards are always met. The German workforce comprises over 43 million people – making it the largest pool of ready labor in the EU. Additionally, companies in Germany benefit from the high levels of education in the workforce: More than 80 percent of the German workforce has received formal vocational training or is in possession of an academic degree.

Germany’s globally renowned dual system of vocational training consists of about 1.3 million apprentices and more than 8,800 vocational schools. In addition, about 2.8 million students are enrolled at one of Germany’s 428 universities. The majority are on courses with a technical focus. Germany’s share of university students in the sciences, mathematics, computer sciences, and engineering is the highest in the EU, with 31 percent of all German students. According to OECD statistics, Germany has the highest rate of graduates with a doctoral degree in sciences and engineering.

Pie Chart: Workforce in Germany by Level of Professional Education (2015, in % of total workforce) | © Federal Statistical Office 2017

Scientists and engineers as a share of total population 2016 | © Eurostat 2017


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Employees and Social Security

Companies are only as successful as their employees. Get an overview of Germany’s employment regulations and find out everything you need to know about the German social security system.