Safety & Security Industry

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Safety & Security Industry

"Made in Germany" for Future Security

Security technology is widely considered to be one of the major up-coming industries. The sector's growing significance and generous government aid will make the industry one of the winners in the decades to come. The German security technologies market is characterized by a high growth dynamic and constant change which is helping create numerous opportunities for investors and innovative companies alike. Security "Made in Germany" is a strong brand with a high worldwide recognition that is associated with quality, neutrality, and expertise which is especially in demand in booming markets like Russia and the Middle East. Explore the numerous opportunities of the security technologies industry and benefit from the advantages Germany has to offer.

Industry & Market Numbers

  • Germany’s IT-Security market is the 2nd largest in Europe after the UK, with a turnover of EUR 4.2 billion in 2018
  • Germany’s IT-Security market has a strong expected average growth of 9.2 % p.a. (2016-2021), this rate is the highest in continental Western Europe.
  • Germany’s Security and Investigation Industry, with a turnover of EUR 9.3 billion in 2016, is the 3rd largest market in Europe after the UK (€9.5bn) and France (€9.3bn)
  • In 2017 the total revenue of Germany’s Security and Investigation Industry was EUR 9.8 billion, with a growth of +7.1% (2017-2018) and +4.7% (CAGR forecast 2017-2022)

Market | Personnel | R&D

MARKET - Germany is Europe's economic engine with the highest industrial output level. The German security technologies market is Europe's largest in terms of consumers.

PERSONNEL - Our universities and universities of applied science produce some of the most highly qualified employees in the business. Strong research networks with the industry further improve the quality of German engineering skills.

R&D - Germany is the R&D leader in measuring and sensor technologies and a major RFID and biometrics research location. A raft of research incentives increases the attractiveness of Germany as a research site.

Incentives | Physical Infrastructure | Stable Investment Environment

INCENTIVES - Germany offers a number of different incentives for all investors - regardless of whether they are from Germany or otherwise. There is a large selection of programs designed to support a wide variety of business activities at different stages of the investment process available. As an industry with many interfaces to traditional industries, security technologies benefit from the German government's "High-Tech Strategy" incentive package. With available research funding volume of 15 billion Euro, incentives are provided for research projects including "scenario-oriented security research" and "technology interconnections" for the detection of toxics and the development of integrated protection systems for emergency and security services.

PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE - We offer an extensive and comprehensive logistics infrastructure that integrates state-of-the-art transportation networks with the most modern telematics, IT, and telecommunications systems.

STABLE INVESTMENT ENVIRONMENT - Social, economic, and political stability provide a solid base for your corporate projects. Our judiciary and civil services are highly professional. Contractual agreements are secure and intellectual property is strictly protected in Germany.

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