Materials Processing and Technologies

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Materials Processing and Technologies

The development and processing of materials represents a core element of Germany’s innovative industry culture. Both the fundamental research for “new materials” and the processing of plastic and metal semi-finished products to create industrial finished parts make a considerable contribution to industrial value added in Germany. The growing importance of new application fields - like industrial lightweight construction - requires production technologies to be adapted, with new solutions becoming a significant competitive factor. The innovative strength of the different industry sectors is thereby appreciably increased.

Lightweight Industries

The development and use of lightweight construction solutions is an important requirement for the competitiveness of German industry. Lightweight construction is of great importance for a number of industries.



Germany has a rich and diverse nanotech landscape, with industry players of all sizes catering to the strong demand for nanotechnology both in our domestic markets and abroad.


Plastics Industry

Germany is Europe's No.1 Plastics Location. The industry plays a major role in providing new and innovative products and solutions to a number of key industries.


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