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Germany to Get Comprehensive Hydrogen Distribution Infrastructure

The governing German cabinet has approved plans to establish a core network to distribute hydrogen as an energy carrier throughout the country.

The proposed legislation is part of Germany’s ambitious strategy to become CO2-neutral in years to come. Green hydrogen is an integral part of those plans.

“Our goal is to rapidly scale up the hydrogen market in order to promote decarbonization, particularly in those sectors with high greenhouse gas emissions,” said German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck. “This requires a speedy, cost-efficient hydrogen network in Germany that will grow with the hydrogen economy and be embedded in the internal EU market.”

The plans will see operators of natural gas networks in Germany draw up models for the new hydrogen infrastructure in the coming months. Germany’s Federal Network Agency will be responsible for its final form.

“Hydrogen is the ideal connector between the electricity, mobility and heating sectors and can be stored with relative ease,” says Germany Trade & Invest hydrogen expert Heiko Staubitz. “The German government is seeking to broaden the basis of energy provision in the country in its attempt to become independent of fossil fuels. This legislation is a very important step toward increasing planning security for industry and will support planned investments in the new hydrogen economy.”

Germany Trade & Invest is the German government agency for international business promotion and is owned by the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Change. It helps international companies do business in Germany and German companies do business abroad.

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