Disruptive Business Models

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Disruptive Business Models

The cyber-physical systems, data services and service platforms that make up the SMART SERVICE WORLD architecture make new and disruptive business models and relationships a reality

Established business practices, structures and provider-client relationships succumb to the force of connected, platform-based delivery models that are part of a bigger production ecosystem. The new digital value chains allow participating product providers and service providers to share core competencies to develop products and services together at a speed and level of sophistication far beyond the reach of the traditional physical industries.

By delivering outcome-based services through a network of connected ecosystems and platforms, INDUSTRIE 4.0 and the SMART SERVICE WORLD effectively make conventional industry value chain models a thing of the past.

Adopting a context-specific understanding of “service user” needs, smart service providers will be able to provide context- and site-specific combinations of services tailored to the individual.

With big data forming the hard currency in a software-enabled production landscape, the transformative nature of INDUSTRIE 4.0 and the SMART SERVICE WORLD redraws business model boundaries - giving birth to a new wave of disruptive product providers and service providers.

Popular online retail services that currently combine digital marketplaces, online payment and advanced logistics infrastructure offer just a glimpse of the hybrid services to come.


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