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The Smart Service World Working Group

SMART SERVICE WORLD – Internet-based services for the economy” is a strategic initiative of the German government initiated by the “Digital economy and Society” (formerly “Communications”) Promoters Group of the Industry-Science Research Alliance (FU) adopted by the German government in 2012 as part of its High-Tech Strategy 2020 Action Plan.

The two strategic initiatives designated by the “Digital economy and Society” Promoters Group of the Industry-Science Research Alliance in the field of communication are “INDUSTRIE 4.0” and “Web-based Services for Businesses”. The Smart Service Welt Working Group was established in March 2013.

The Working Group comprises more than 150 representatives from industry, the scientific community, trade unions, industry associations, and government institutions. Its five interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral subcommittees explored the opportunities and challenges for German-branded smart services.

The Working Group’s five subcommittees addressed the five following priority areas:

  • Integrated Production and Service Innovation
  • Internet and Service Economy (Subgroups: Health, Mobility, Finance, Public, Databased Services, Retail & Commerce)
  • Technological Enablers
  • Business Organization Requirements
  • Innovation-oriented Framework

The recommendations presented in the “SMART SERVICE WELT” report were formulated by the Working Group based on the outcomes of the sub-committees’ work and were submitted to the German government at CeBIT 2014.

The Working Group recommends four further initiatives beyond the INDUSTRIE 4.0 platform. These are:

  1. Establishment of cross-industry national competence centers for smart service platforms.
  2. Establishment of knowledge platforms enabling joint development of products and services by companies working together.
  3. Formulation of a “software-defined platform” integrated research agenda.
  4. Creation of a single digital market in Europe.

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