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Germany has a rich and diverse nanotech landscape, with industry players of all sizes catering to the strong demand for nanotechnology both in our domestic markets - especially the automotive, optical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries - and abroad. We continue to enhance our already strong international reputation for scientific expertise. Moreover, our government puts more funding behind this industry than any other country in Europe and has generous new initiatives aimed at expanding and solidifying our lead. Take a look at our numbers and see what we have to offer. We'll find a place for you - and your parts - too!

Nanotechnology in Germany

  • Approximately half of the nanotechnology companies in Europe are from Germany; the country is number one in Europe in the nanotechnology industry.
  • With R&D expenditures amounting to 10 percent of total turnover, nanotechnology is one of the most innovative technology sectors in Germany.
  • German companies manufacture products in the areas of nanomaterials, nanotools, nanoanalytics, and nanotools accessories (e.g. vacuum and cleanroom technology, plasma sources, etc.). They also manufacture and utilize nano-optimized components and systems, and they provide services in the areas of consulting, contract coating, technology transfer, and commissioned analysis and research
  • With federal nanotechnology subsidies amounting to approximately EUR 400 million in 2010, Germany was ranked fourth internationally, behind the USA, Russia, and Japan. In terms of scientific publications, Germany also ranked fourth, behind the USA, China, and Japan. In international patent rankings, the OECD puts Germany in third place, behind the USA and Japan.
  • German partners were also extremely successful in the competition for European subsidies. During the sixth and still-ongoing seventh calls for proposals as part of the EU Framework Programs for Research and Technological Development, German partners placed first in terms of the amount of subsidies received. German industry demonstrated a relatively high rate of participation in these projects; this participation rate was consistently above the overall EU average.


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