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New German Government

Germany to Turbocharge Climate Protection

The German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action says the country needs to reduce CO2 emissions far more quickly. Legislation is in the works to intensify Germany’s energy economy efforts, including renewables, hydrogen, heating and energy efficiency. International companies can profit from this recalibration.

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Coronavirus and Germany

With the ongoing pandemic affecting societies and economies across the world, find out the latest on Germany and the coronavirus, including current travel and social restrictions.

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Brexit Special: Expanding to Germany

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has led to a reorientation of business worldwide. GTAI advises and supports British and international companies seeking to establish business operations in Germany.

Welcome to Germany Trade & Invest

We help international companies set up business in Germany. We provide support customized to your needs – confidentially and free of charge.

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Our Services for Your Business Expansion to Germany

Looking to expand your business to Germany? We have all the information you need free of charge. Contact us to learn more.

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Investment Guide to Germany

Our online Investment Guide provides you with the essential information for setting up your business in Germany.

Our Industry Expertise

Nobody knows the German industry landscape better than us. This allows us to provide you with the right market information for your business.

Discover Germany

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and market. Find out what shapes Germany as a business location and learn more about the major issues currently on the economic agenda.

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Business Location Germany

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and has been one of the safest business locations in the world before and during Covid-19 - and it will continue to be.

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Hot Topics

A number of major issues will shape the economy and markets in the years ahead. Find out how Germany is addressing these challenges to create new market opportunities.

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