Deutschlandkarte mit Baden-Württemberg in blauer Markierung| © GTAI Hidden behind Baden-Württemberg's (BW) romantic picture is a roaring engine of manufacturing and the world's export champion.

The third-largest state in Germany has relied on ingenuity and invention to get where it is today – at the forefront of global innovation. Although titans of industry – such as Daimler, Bosch, Porsche, and SAP – are based in BW, thousands of small and medium-sized companies thrive here too and really drive the economy.

Key industries include automobile manufacturing – as is fitting for the place where the motorcar was invented – mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, health care, and medical technology.

The state devotes massive resources to keeping itself on the cutting edge. More than five percent of GDP goes to R&D, and the region files more patent registrations per citizen than any other state. There are also over 70 institutions of higher learning, including world-famous universities in Tübingen and Heidelberg, and multiple representations of world-class research organizations, such as the Fraunhofer Society and Max Planck Institute.

These factors have led 4000 international companies to choose Baden-Württemberg as a business location. Moreover, Baden-Württemberg enchants visitors with the Black Forest, Lake Constance, and its spas, wines, and foods.