Deutschlandkarte mit Berlin in blauer Markierung| © GTAI Come to Berlin and you'll feel it, too: energy. Over the last two decades, Germany's capital city has become the gateway between East and West as well as one of the world's most vibrant, creative, and innovative locations.

In addition to this vibrancy, Germany's largest city offers unbeatable infrastructure, affordable prices, proximity to major decision makers, targeted funding to promote development, a skilled workforce, and an attractive quality of life.

These prime conditions have led many large firms – such as Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Pfizer, Siemens, Sony, and Vattenfall – to locate head offices here. The same holds true for countless small and medium-sized firms, especially young and innovative ones.

The range of industries in Berlin includes film, media, fashion, music, services, IT, and health care, as well as bio-, optical, environmental, and medical technologies. These companies flourish in new facilities such as Adlershof, Germany's largest science and technology center, and the synergies they develop with the city-state’s more than 18 institutions of higher education and 250 research establishments help them to achieve their loftiest goals.

Tourists flock to Berlin to enjoy the city's unmatchable cultural offerings in museums, historical sites, musical and performing-art venues, as well as vibrant nightlife and shopping. And, of course, they can’t help but enjoy the beauty of a city that has more bridges than Venice!