Deutschlandkarte mit Hessen in blauer Markierung| © GTAI Investors are convinced: 95 percent of foreign companies would again opt for Hessen. The economic region in the heart of Germany intersects with Europe's major transport routes and provides international investors with ideal conditions for sustainable growth:

  • Economic strength,
  • Innovative capacity,
  • and direct access to the German and European markets.

Managers can reach every major European business centre from Frankfurt Airport within a maximum flight time of two and a half hours. In the European movement of goods, sales targets are achieved with a modern road and rail network.

Future as a concept: The existing excellent infrastructure is being systematically expanded to guarantee consistent speed, reliability and flexibility.

Innovation is Hessen’s standard: With its theme "Innovation through Interaction", Hessen offers direct access to national technology and business networks. This benefits both, the internationally active local companies and the numerous SMEs in Hessen, as well as start-up and scale-up businesses.

The world's largest data exchange point, DE-CIX, guarantees a high degree of utilisation in digitisation with record data traffic of more than 6.4 terabits per second. Furthermore, Hessen offers a competence centre for the highest security requirements with its Centre for Research in Security and Privacy (CRISP), which is highly respected throughout Europe.

Investors come to Hessen and stay: Over 12,500 foreign companies already do business here. People from 190 nations now call Hessen their home.

We have the right answer for companies wishing to successfully become established in Europe, Germany and the economic region of Hessen. Let us convince you!: