Deutschlandkarte mit Sachsen in blauer Markierung| © GTAI Saxony is the birthplace of German industrialization, and long-standing traditional industries – such as machine construction and automotive manufacturing – continue to flourish there. For example, over 650 suppliers in “Autoland Saxony” feed their products to five vehicle and engine production sites for Volkswagen, Porsche, and BMW.

Saxony’s modern claim to fame is its leading position among the world’s most innovative locations for microelectronics. Large global corporations based there – such as Globalfoundries, Infineon, and Siltronic AG – have attracted even more microelectronic companies to the area and made “Silicon Saxony” the center of Europe’s microelectronic industry.

All together, there are nearly 200 companies there in the semiconductor industry employing more than 20,000 people. The innovative strength of this industry is backed by those of the environmental technology and nanotechnology sectors, and together they have made Saxony’s one of Germany’s fastest-growing economies.

The driving force behind these achievements is Saxony’s people: the highly skilled and motivated workers, the innovative researchers, and the investor-friendly public officials. Moreover, Saxony’s central location and superb infrastructure provide optimal conditions for transportation within Germany and Europe. The Leipzig/Halle airport, for example, operates around-the-clock as a major hub for both international and intercontinental air cargo.

Saxony is also home to the well-known architectural and cultural offerings of Dresden, Freiberg, and Leipzig, as well as the famous craftsmanship behind Glashütte timepieces and Meissen porcelain, to mention just two of many fine examples. The region boasts gorgeous landscapes – such as Saxon Switzerland and its fortress-rich mountains – that enchant visitors with well-preserved historic towns.


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