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Fund and Asset Management

Investment companies in Europe manage assets of EUR 15.7 billion for investors. Germany is the most important investment fund market in Europe, with 16 percent market share.

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Investment companies in Germany managed more than EUR 3 trillion in 2017 on behalf of around 50 million private and institutional investors. As such, they play an important economic role in Germany and are an integral part of the financial center.

In 2017, more than EUR 1 billion in public funds were invested for the first time. Capital management companies play a decisive role in pension provision in Germany.

Germany is a strong funds location and an attractive market for fund providers from all over the world.

Alongside 136 providers from Germany, 500 foreign companies from 38 countries (including 15 from outside Europe) distribute mutual funds in Germany.

Fund & Asset Management - Number of Fund Providers in the German Market by Country of Origin | © BVI

Source: German Investment Funds Association


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