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Private Equity and Venture Capital

There are around 300 associate companies that invest in more than 1,000 companies per year resident in Germany. More than 5,000 companies are managed in the portfolios in total.

In 2017, private equity (PE) investment totaled EUR 11.3 billion, with investments being made in a total of 1,124 companies. Venture capital (VC) was invested in more than half of the companies.

Private Equity - Investment in Germany by Financing Phase (in mio EUR) | © German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association BVK

Private Equity - Number of Financed Companies by Financing Phase | © German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association BVK

Private Equity Investments

More than one third (39 percent) of PE investments in 2017 were made in the enterprise products and services sector. Other major market shares flowed into the Biotechnology/Healthcare (16 percent) and ICT sectors (15 percent).

In terms of the number of companies financed, the ICT sector is the leader with 335 companies, followed by consumer goods and services (198 companies) and enterprise products and services (179 companies) respectively.

Regionally, companies in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia received the largest share of PE investment (EUR 2.44 billion), followed by Berlin (EUR 2.14 billion), Bavarian (EUR 1.98 billion), and Hessen (EUR 1.68 billion) in that order.

In terms of the number of companies financed, Bavaria (218 companies), Berlin (199 companies) and Baden-Württemberg (186 companies) remain the top three federal states.

Source: BVK

VC Investments

Within the VC segment, most funding founds its way to Berlin in 2017 (EUR 490 million for 174 companies), followed by Bavaria (EUR 216 million and 104 companies), North Rhine-Westphalia (EUR 84 million and 58 companies), and Baden-Württemberg (EUR 79 million and 43 companies).

According to an EY study, most venture capital was invested in e-commerce companies in the first half of 2018, followed by the FinTech (EUR 396 million) and Software & Analytics (EUR 386 million) segments.

Source: EY Start-up-Barometer Deutschland



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