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Aerospace Industry

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The German aerospace industry has enjoyed unprecedented success over the last two decades. Since the mid-90’s, industry revenues have more than quadrupled - to over EUR 40 billion in 2018. Today, the sector belongs to the country’s most innovative and best-performing industries.

And the sector keeps on growing: Industry analysts forecast that between 30 to 35 thousand new aircraft will be put into service in the next 20 years to meet increasing global aviation demand – leading to a new golden age of aviation. As a global aerospace hub, Germany is home to leading players from all civil and defense aviation market segments.

The country’s world class R&D infrastructure and a powerful manufacturing base empowers international investors to develop cutting-edge technologies for tomorrow’s aviation needs. Compared with other major aviation manufacturing countries like the US, Canada and France, Germany’s rare mix of a powerful manufacturing base, ready availability of talent, and cost efficiency are unique competitive advantages for current and prospective investors.

Besides its supply and manufacturing power, the country is also home to two major passenger airlines as well as one of the world’s biggest freight and logistics carriers. Take a look at our market numbers and become part of Germany’s aerospace success story by locating your business in Europe’s aerospace innovation hub.

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Fact Sheet: The Aerospace Industry in Germany | © GTAI The Aerospace Industry in Germany | Issue 2017/2018

The German aerospace industry has enjoyed unprecedented success over the last two decades.


Get ready for takeoff! What used to be fiction might soon become reality: Several companies in Germany are currently working on functioning prototypes of air taxis.


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