Environmental Technologies

Röhrenbioreaktoren gefüllt mit Grünalgen zur CO2-Fixierung, Arcos de la Frontera, Spanien | © GettyImages/SantiagoUrquijo

Environmental Technologies

Germany is home to one of the most advanced environmental technologies markets worldwide. Environmentally-friendly products are a key success factor of the country’s economy: By 2025, the market is expected to account for 20% of German GDP, demonstrating the increasing importance of sustainable technologies in Germany’s economic development.

With expected annual growth of more than 5%, the markets for sustainable water technologies and the circular economy offer promising opportunities for foreign companies wishing to expand their green business to Germany Additionally, there is increasing demand for technologies supporting urban adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

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Climate Change & The Environment

Countries around the globe are experiencing the impacts of climate change. In Germany, there is strong demand for improved monitoring of water resources, aquatic systems, and related extreme events.


Recycling & Waste Management

Germany’s leadership in the global recycling industry is based on the country’s first mover role in waste management law and a business environment that favors innovation and new technologies.


Water Technologies

More than EUR 110 billion of investment since 1990, an annual export volume of EUR 977 million (2016, Source: VDMA) and a world market share of 11% (2016, Source: VDMA) – the prospects for German water technologies are bright.


Closing the E-Mobility Loop

It is a strategic imperative that environmental sustainability become a hallmark of European battery manufacturing and European e-mobility. Read about an unparalleled German USP.

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France and Germany are cooperating and working closely on a number of subjects within the field of green economy.

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The future of fashion and textiles is green.

The sustainable textile segment offers particularly attractive opportunities for new market entrants.

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Germany is seeking to extend its reputation as a wind power pioneer by recycling as many wind power plant components as possible when they reach the end of their service lives.

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