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Representing Europe’s most populous country, Germany offers the largest market for Healthcare and Life Sciences products. Both market demand and location factors make it a priority for many international companies preparing expansion to build up their footprint here.

Many global trends already are driving Germany’s markets, be they social trends like demographic changes or technology trends like digitization. Science conducted in Germany frequently leads to the commercialization of cutting-edge innovation. This is the case especially in the Life Sciences sector which comprises a variety of hi-tech sectors like molecular diagnostics, (bio-)pharmaceuticals and biomaterials as well as medical devices.

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Demographic Change

Germany is the leading “silver market” in Europa with huge potential for investment, innovation, and development.


Digital Health

Germany offers outstanding conditions for the growth of digital health solutions. The increasing demand for health care services, combined with the progressing digitization of society and the growing health and fitness awareness, are paving the way for digital solutions in primary care and the privately financed health care segment.


Medical Biotechnology

Germany is one of Europe's leading pharmaceutical research hubs and an established exporter of (bio-)pharmaceutical production.


Medical Technology

Germany is Europe's largest market for medical devices. The industry is highly innovative and the label Made in Germany enjoys high reputation across the world.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Germany is one of Europe's leading pharmaceutical research and production hubs and only trails the United States in global biopharmaceutical production.


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