Business Location Germany

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Business Location Germany

Germany is the strongest economy in Europe and one of the largest worldwide. Few countries’ economies are as open or tightly connected into the world economy as ours is.

Brexit Special: Expanding to Germany

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has led to a reorientation of business worldwide. GTAI advises and supports British and international companies seeking to establish business operations in Germany.


Business Climate

Good governance and pro-business strategies make Germany an excellent investment location. Read more about the business framework for your project.


Economic Profile

With one of the world’s most powerful economies, Germany continues to be the backbone for the European economy. See the data reflecting Germany’s economic strength.


Germany. Smart-up your business.

Discover opportunities and sustainably grow your business internationally with a strong partner.


Foreign Direct Investment

600 billion EUR of inward investment and over 55,000 foreign companies testify to Germany’s attractiveness on the FDI market. Find details here.


General Overview

Germany lies at the heart of Europe. Click here for the basics, including the head of state to major cities and GDP.


R&D Framework

Innovation is a trait that proudly defines our country. Germany provides a vibrant R&D landscape that fosters new ideas and forward-thinking, both of which are crucial to many investment projects. Read more about your research potential in Germany.



Why Germany?

Download our presentation about the German business location. [PDF]

Dr. Jürgen Friedrich, Geschäftsführer/Sprecher der Geschäftsführung Germany Trade & Invest | © GTAI/Illing & Vossbeck Fotografie

Innovation and Reliability

In an interview with the major German daily newspaper Die Welt, Germany Trade & Invest Chairman/CEO Jürgen Friedrich discussed the importance of “Made in Germany” as a brand in times of trade conflicts.

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Deutschlands Wirtschaft verdankt ihren Erfolg einem freien Welthandel. Doch Unternehmen stehen weltweit immer öfter neuen Zöllen und Rechtsvorschriften gegenüber. Wir schaffen Überblick und fassen die wichtigsten Aspekte dieser Entwicklungen zusammen.


10 Reasons to Choose Germany

Germany is Europe's largest market, a global leader in innovation - and much more! Check out why Germany is the right choice for you.