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“SMART SERVICE WORLD – Internet-based services for the economy” is the name given to the INDUSTRIE 4.0 successor “Future Project” identified in the High-Tech Strategy 2020.

The digital transformation of the global economy is creating a major business economy paradigm shift that will see products and online services merge to become “smart services” in the new hybrid service economy.

As the second of 10 Future Projects identified within the government’s High-Tech Strategy 2020 Action Plan, “Smart Service World,” addresses the value chains that exist beyond the smart factory gates, and the related online services which, together, create “smart services.” The goal is to make Germany the digital lead provider of smart services and their underlying platforms.

Central to these new solutions are the development of intelligent networks for the reliable supply of renewable energy, the implementation of innovative mobility concepts as well as new platforms for sophisticated internet applications including cloud computing, e-health and e-Learning.

The “Smart Service World” technology program implements provisions foreseen in both the Digital Agenda and the New High-Tech Strategy. The first phase of the initiative has been launched as a funding competition, with approximately EUR 50 million in funding made available by the BMWi for the period 2015 to 2019. Successful funding applicant consortia will be identified by an independent jury. 

Smart Service World Competition Procedure

Phase 1


Development and submission of project applications

Phase 2


Independent jury evaluation and selection of best projects

Phase 3


Workshops to identify potential synergy effects between successful project winners, applicant consultancy, application

Phase 4


Approval and start of project implementation subject to evaluation of applications received


Smart Service World Target Groups

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